Neurological diseases are mulitfaceted. NEUROLOGY MOVES aims to consult and treat patients according to most recent scientific achievements.

We want to contibute that the neurological treatment translates into improvement of quality of life. We treat many different neurological diseases, which you will find below.


Our top priorities

Movement Disorders

ALS, Dystonia, Parkinson´s disease, Spasticity

Movement disorders comprise different diseaes entities such as dystonia

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Every day we are confronted with new impressions. In this context daily learning is essential for survival

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The term „Epilepsy“ does not refer to a uniform disease entity. It may occur at all ages

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Multiple Sclerosis

Other Inflammatory Diseases of the Brain

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been coined by the brain doctors of the 19th century as the chameleon of neurological diseases

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Muscle & Nerve

Electrophysiology (for example: EMG – electromyography, nerve conduction assessment, evoked potentials) allows to identify

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Stroke is one of the most frequent neurological diseases. Stroke is caused by lesions of blood vessels of the brain

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Headache, Migraine

Pain is a subjective, individual body sensation that regularly occurs after external events such as injuries.

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Pregnancy & Kids

The developement of new life is one of most fascinating and yet poorly understood discoveries in medicine

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